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Semet Ambalaj, located in Karaman, Turkey, is a leading innovator in stretch film technology.

Our modern facilities cover an impressive 10,000 square meters, showcasing our dedication to top-notch manufacturing practices. Our goal goes beyond mere production; we aim to set the standard for sustainability and creativity in our industry.

Our product range is carefully crafted to address various packaging requirements. We offer the S.S.S (Strong Slippery Stretch), Premium+, Premium Grade, Pre-Stretch films, and our pioneering %51 PCR product.

Each of our products reflects our unwavering commitment to quality, protection, and efficiency.

We Are SEMET !

Let's re-think stretch.

Semet Ambalaj's influence spans across continents, with a vibrant presence in Europe, encompassing key markets such as the United Kingdom, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Romania, Spain, and Bulgaria. This extensive impact highlights the global trust and reliance on our products and services.

At Semet Ambalaj, we represent more than just manufacturing excellence; we are pioneers, advocates of sustainability, and your steadfast partners in packaging. Explore the Semet difference – where innovation intersects with sustainability.

The History of Semet


Founding of

Işık Ticaret

The Çolakoğlu Group first established its foundation in 1980, marking the beginning of its journey in the industry. From its inception, the group was driven by a vision of growth and innovation, setting the stage for decades of success. Over the years, it has expanded its footprint, diversifying into various sectors and becoming a prominent name in its field. This initial step taken in 1980 has since evolved into a legacy, underscoring the group's commitment to excellence and leadership in the business world.


Founding of


As Çolakoğlu, our factory, which started to serve in Karaman Organized Industrial Zone, has created a giant hardware marketing network that meets all industrial tools and needs. Çolakoğlu Hardware, which has become a frequent destination for all manufacturers, has professionally met the needs of industrial manufacturers in Karaman province for many years with all its strength.


Founding of

Semet Ambalaj

Our company, which started stretch film production as Semet Ambalaj, has created a magnificent enterprise by using all its industrial experience in new breakthroughs. It has set itself the goal of being a pioneer in Karaman and Turkey in the production of non-food stretch film with new production facilities, new factories and new production techniques.


Re-born of

Semet Ambalaj

And when the dates show the year 2022, Semet Ambalaj has entered a process of corporate renewal. Semet Ambalaj, which has reconstructed its own identity, has achieved the goals it has set for itself and has managed to rank first in its field in exports. Semet Ambalaj, which always satisfies its customers with its export capacity to more than 40 countries, continues to support its valued customers with its non-food and food compatible stretch film products.

Get in Touch

+90 338 224 10 50

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