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Standard Hand Stretch

Hand stretch films are used for wrapping products without the need for a machine.

Hand stretch films, which are much lighter and shorter than machine rolls, provide convenience in use. They are generally used to keep the goods on the pallet together and to provide protection against external factors.

Flexible and transparent stretch wraps are used safely in situations and places where machine stretch wraps cannot be used.


Standard Hand Stretch Film Specifications

  • Standard Hand stretch is produced in 50 cm width as standard.

  • It is generally produced in thicknesses between 15µ and 35µ.

  • Between 100 and 300 meters, they can be produced in different lengths.

  • In general, the bobbin weight is standard 300 grams.

  • Hand type pallet stenter is 6 pieces in a box.

  • It can be produced in different colors according to demand.

  • It is economical and provides great savings in labor and time.


Features and Benefits

  • Conspicuous or Hidden: It offers the opportunity to display and promote your products, clearly showing your products to customers. With our opaque color stretch film production, we appeal to our customers who want to hide the products.

  • Great Gloss: Presents your products in an attractive and eye-catching way, providing an aesthetic appearance.

  • High Liquid Contact Protection: Perfectly protects your products against moisture and external factors and maintains product quality for a long time.

  • Excellent Heat Protection: Protects your products against temperature changes, helping to maintain their freshness and durability.

  • Palletization Flatness: Ensures neat and tidy packaging of products, facilitating transportation and storage processes.

  • Durability and Protection: This Standard Stretch Film protects your products from dust, moisture, grease and deformation, which improves the quality and value of your products. It is an ideal solution for long-term storage and transportation.

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